Freedom defined on paper

Why I write? It is the same question I have asked myself since I was a child. Writing relieves my fears and doubts. I can be myself, with no masks.When I take my pencil/pen and begin to jot down my ideas on paper, magic happens. It is a magic like no other. I feel free. I feel like a beautiful butterfly. A butterfly with a great spirit that can decide on her own destiny. There are times when I do not know what to write about. I just grab my pen and paper and write and before I know it I have pages of beautiful stories. Most of my stories are about myself and my own life experiences. Some other stories are my fantasies. These fantasies are stories on what I would like my life to be about. I consider myself a human being full of a rollcoaster of emotions. When I was  younger I would nag about having feelings but now I use them for my benefit. I translate those feelings into something great. I write! Aside from writing I enjoy music. Music is my second passion. With out these two I am nothing. I am empty and with no purpose. That is why today I decided to start my own blog and make this gift that God gave me into something great. I want to share what is in my heart to others. I am a butterflyspirit.


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